Who are we?

Kulan Consulting is a boutique female-owned firm that partners with governments and organizations working on issues related to political processes, capacity building of governance institutions, community stabilization, countering violent extremism, resilience and economic growth. In the Somali language, kulan means a ‘gathering’ or “meeting’ place. At Kulan, we strive to be a meeting place of ideas and approaches in the complex arena of international development. Kulan, registered in Somalia, works across the Horn of Africa.

Kulan’s Executive Director, Hodan Hassan brings 18 years of experience in international development and public advocacy, of which 12 years are in mid and senior-level positions. She is known for her proven ability to lead teams, to build consensus amongst stakeholders, and to coordinate the work of complex multicultural and multidisciplinary organizations. The firm has a wide range of subject-matter experts within its network.

What do we do?

Program Learning

Kulan’s consulting services help clients achieve their desired programmatic impact through the integration of a collaborative learning agenda into any activity’s program cycle. The firm works with development partners to develop an iterative strategy that supports knowledge management and adaptation throughout the project implementation period.

Socio-political context analysis and research

Kulan’s consultants possess a deep grasp of the fluid political and societal contexts in the Horn, with particular expertise in Somalia. We can work with organizations to ensure proposed activities are based on solid understanding of the complex environment and the impact of potential interventions.


Kulan has developed expertise in conference and workshop facilitation that engages participants in activities that builds on adult learning principles.

Kulan Consulting in Action


Support to USAID Somalia in the development and implementation of a partnership that seeks to enhance collaboration across development and humanitarian programming with the goal of building overall resilience. Develop analysis that informs USAID Somalia’s learning agenda. Serve a facilitator for USAID’s technical partners meetings on the resilience agenda.


Provide timely political analysis on Somalia to the Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) that helps shape programming options that seek to enhance stability in the country. Serve as lead facilitator for SSF’s bi-annual investee workshops, learning events and stakeholder conferences.


Coordinated a drought impact needs assessment in Somaliland on behalf of the European Union, World Bank, and the United Nations. Led negotiations and consultations with the Government of Somaliland, including line ministries on identifying short, medium and long-term priorities. Supported the collection of secondary data acquisition and analysis. Drafted the Somaliland chapter of the Somalia Recovery and Resilience Framework.


Designed and facilitated USAID/OTI and IOM’s Somalia Stabilization Initiative/DalBile strategic review session that brought together 100 participants over a three-day period to review context and programming. With support from Kulan’s facilitator, USAID and IOM developed a 6-month geographic action plan that incorporated program learning and identified innovative approaches to program challenges.